The supremely talented Coop is working on a new painting, and he’s letting his blog readers in on his work process and thoughts. Fascinating stuff. We wish more artists would do this.

This painting has been a particularly strange beast, fighting me every step of the way, and revealing itself in unexpected ways. It is now almost completely different in composition that the day I started to apply paint to canvas, one of the major surprises being the most recent step. The line art that first became a stencil, then this Napthol Crimson overlay, was not part of the original plan at all. Strangest of all, it wasn’t until I drew the original drawing of “Lil’ Mort,” that I realized what the subject of the painting was in the first place. When I realized that it was what it was, everything else fell into place. I felt like a safe cracker, listening through a stethoscope as the tumblers fell behind the steel door, locks clanking open to reveal… what exactly? I still don’t know. This painting isn’t finished yet, though everyone who has seen it so far seems to think that it is complete. I still have at least two major steps to go, one of which will completely change the way the painting looks right now.
Weird, huh? Strange as it might sound, this is all part and parcel of the creative process, and after 20+ years of doing this for a living, it is the only part that still excites me.


via Boing Boing