Why Do We Fear the Future?

What or who do we fear the most? In a world that is largely driven by fear, it makes sense to probe the nature of this fear, and what keeps us up at night.

Our perception is that when one fear is alleviated, another will rise to the top. Human nature will never allow us to live in a non-fear state. But our goal need to be a world with a optimal fear index, free our minds to work on important things, like creating new things for people to fear.

What has changed?  Why have we gone from a time in the 50s and 60s where we couldn’t wait for the future to happen until now, a time where many live in constant fear of what may lie ahead? To begin with, we have created huge markets for storytellers, and every good story needs a villain.  Villains come in many varieties, but one of our most insidious fears is the “fear of the unknown”, and a good writer can quickly build layers of conjecture around the known pieces of truth and craft settings, characters, and storylines around virtually any topic.  So it is easy to turn emerging technology into a villain. But that’s only part of the answer…

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