TreePees and Tree tents

The TreePee

Do you like camping but can’t stand wallowing in the dirt with all those bugs and worms? Then the Treepee is just for you. Hang it from the nearest sturdy tree, stake it down on all four corners, and suddenly you have yourself a floating paradise in the wilderness.

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TreePees and Tree Tents


This tent is for those who can fork out $50,000.00 for ‘roughing it’ in style.

TreePees and Tree tents

The Cocoon

Industrial designer John Moriarty has developed The Cocoon, which is an outdoor survival tent-like thing that you can hang from a tree. “Bright warm colors and fabrics on the inside help you stay warm by keeping your body heat in and any wind and wetness out.” It does look nice and cozy doesn’t it (except for the schematic where the guy is smashed up in there)? It’s sort of like a womb, but a lot more like a man’s change purse. This thing just makes sense. Dangling from a tree in a giant blue testicle is practically the definition of outdoor survival.

Via Dvice, Geekology, and DutchDesign