DVRs Confuse Boomers

Just back away from the set. There is nothing to confuse you here.

Baby boomers may have more buying power than millennials, but those younger consumers are more comfortable using new technology such as streaming video, DVRs, VOD and PPV.

That is the main finding of “The Consumer Television and Technology Study” conducted recently by Millward Brown and commissioned by The Hallmark Channel

Only 31% of millennials (which Millward Brown defined as “children of baby boomers, ages 14 to 31”) surveyed said they thought new television technologies were complicated and difficult to use, compared with over half of boomers.

Nearly half of millennials with DVRs said they used them “regularly” or “fairly often,” compared with less than one-quarter of boomers.

Over one-quarter of millennials said they went Web sites to watch video, compared with only 9% of boomers. Millennials were also more likely (52%) to consider mobile devices as forms of entertainment compared with boomers (35%).

Via eMarketer