Silicone Head Implants to Make You Taller

A surgeon has devised a new way of adding up to 2 inches to a person’s height – inserting a silicone head implant.

During a 90-minute operation an incision is made in the side of the head and the implant squeezed in between the skull and the scalp.

Dr Luis de la Cruz developed the procedure to help people who would normally be too short for jobs with a minimum height.
He claims would-be soldiers, police officers, air hostesses, models and firefighters are queuing up for the surgery at his Madrid clinic. The operation costs from £4,000 ($8,000) and is performed using a local anaesthetic.

Patients are usually released from hospital the next day, and the only sign they have had surgery is a small scar – usually covered by their hair. Dr de la Cruz, 47, has already carried out the operation on 17 patients.

The Clinica La Luz in Madrid is thought to be the only place in the world where the operation is performed. But people with long, thin heads are advised against the surgery as the result can look odd.

Via  Yahoo