A Melbourne scientist and night club owner has discovered that growing micro organisms onto compact discs can alter and reshape the music or images stored within them, to the extent that totally new sounds and remixes are formed within the CD.

Named the ‘optical biocomputer’ by its inventor Dr. Cameron Jones, the process was discovered by complete chance whilst Dr. Jones was dj-ing at The Blue Velvet Bar and Night Club (which he co-owns with his mother) he explains:

‘I inadvertently touched the data surface of one of the CDs we were playing while I was pouring beer – my hands were certainly not dry – and lo and behold when I put the CD in the next week it behaved unpredictably.’

He noticed that when he raised the volume of the discs, small staccato noises and micro interferences could be heard throughout the tracks and in places, the music itself had changed.

Dr.Jones has since extended his experimentation by growing various types of fungi, yeast and bacteria his music. Other ‘fractal’ music has also been documented.