Litterbox Games for Cats

Sure, you’ve played a lot of games, but now your favorite cat can get into the action thanks to the latest in video gaming technology — the CatBox 360.

Cats want games too. If your cat wants to get into some gaming action, he or she just steps into the automatic litter box, and a new game is activated and a random music track begins.

Colored indicators scroll down the LCD screen like in Guitar Hero or Rock Band. When the cat’s paws scratch across the litter, it triggers the notes, and every time your cat “answers nature’s call” in the litter box, the game enters a bonus multiplier mode for extra points.

Some tunes include: Cat Scratch Fever, Stray Cat Strut, and of course, Cool for Cats. The makers of the game warn that a handful of cats have started “doing their business” whenever they hear music playing, so be careful when you use your stereo. You may have a clean up waiting for you. No price or release date yet. Don’t hold your breath…Or do hold your breath since your cat won’t be able to stop playing

Technabob Via Slippery Brick