That is Claud the Kung Fu bear from Hiroshima City, Japan. You can see another video after the jump.




Here is Claud’s story:


A bear at a zoo in Hiroshima City, western Japan, is drawing applause from visitors with his performance of twirling a stick.

Claud, a male Asiatic black bear at Asa Zoo, began twirling a branch when he was playing with it 5 years ago. The zoo operator says that the bear stopped the twirling after he grew up but resumed it 2 months ago.

This day, he used his mouth to pick up a stick like a pole weighing about 5 kilograms – his recent favorite — and handled it intensely with his hands, legs and neck.

Visitors said they were surprised to watch such a large bear handle the stick so skillfully.

His breeder said he doesn’t know why the bear likes to twirl sticks but his performance is really powerful.

These silky skills could have levelled the playing field in Sonny Chiba’s Karate Bearfighter and given the title a second meaning too. Of course we always knew bears can kick ass, but it is nice to see it for real.

Via Neatorama