While browsing through the net, looking for a truly innovative fashion or beauty product we came across this.

It is completely new, innovative and different. Not a textile, or a designer, nor shoes or other fashion paraphernalia. It is rather an actual, real product…something you can touch…well, maybe not ‘touch’ but definitely ‘smell’.

My DNA fragrance is a new company which offers individualized perfume based on your own individual DNA. Yes, it really uses part of the double helix you see here.

My DNA creates a one of a kind fragrance after you submit a swab of your saliva. The company uses a patented and revolutionary new process to create your individual fragrance which arrives in a clinically approved 4oz. aluminum bottle with a fine mist sprayer and if you want to do it properly, create your own bottle too.

As My DNA puts it, it’s not self centered, it’s self scented!