Will the Economy Affect E-Commerce?

A recent PiperJaffray survey of 200 US Internet users has found mixed responses to the question of how a slowing economy might affect e-commerce spending.

When asked how their discretionary e-commerce spending would change in 2008 versus 2007, 33% plan to purchase less online, while only 12% will purchase more and 55% will purchase the same amount.

On the other hand, 21% of respondents said they would increase their online shopping due to a recession or concerns about the economy; 65% said they would not.

Regardless of money actually spent online, the Internet’s influence as a research and product comparison tool will only increase in a tough economy as consumers become bargain hunters.

Almost one-third of respondents said they plan to do more comparison shopping online in 2008. Only 6% said they would do less and 63% said they would do the same amount.

PiperJaffray via eMarketer