The Smellovision and Smellophone are two concepts that have been around for many, many years, but have never really gotten off the ground. Why? Probably because they’re terrible ideas— what if someone sent you a really gross message?

The newest twist on sending remote smells comes from NTT Communications. The company wants to sell you a device for your living room that’s the essentially a printer for smells. It has sixteen scent cartridges, and you can send it an email or access a program from your cell phone that will let you program a specific scent to be mixed and emitted into the room.

We assume that the sixteen fragrances in the device will not allow a poop combination— they’re perfume-like and floral scents that the company sees as eventually pairing with floral e-cards. Here’s a hint. Instead of buying a smell printer for your girlfriend’s living room and sending her pictures of roses, go for the real thing.

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via The New York Times