The Pedalofit Opens New Doors For The Disabled

The “Speedy Pedalofit”—a name which rolls off the tongue in a satisfying way that makes me think of an exercise routine for pedophiles only slightly*—is clip-on wheel and handlebar that coverts most wheelchairs into pedal-powered chopper trikes. And it’s not just for paraplegics who want to be sent careening down mountain trails, limp legs churning with sinew-snapping speed. It’s also good for those who have some use of their legs and need help building up the muscles again.

It gives the disabled a chance to exercise and travel short distances. When they reach their destination, they’ve already got their chair. What’s not to like?

Speedy is a UK company, so I’m unsure if any of their products are available outside of their home country. And they make more than just the clip-on Pedalofit, producing a full range of interesting hand-powered bikes and wheelchair additions as well.


Via Boing Boing