Consumers Demanding “Green” Products

Demand for “green” products continues to grow

A February 2008 survey sponsored by DoubleClick found that 60% of US adults who make online purchases say that it is very or extremely important to them that a company is environmentally conscious.

Almost half of those who make online purchases said they specifically search for environmentally-friendly products at least some of the time.

More importantly, 45% of respondents who make online purchases said they would pay at least 5% more for a product that is promoted with environmentally-friendly attributes. An additional 22% were willing to pay at least 10% more.

38% of respondents said the most attractive type of environmentally-conscious marketing focused on specific user benefits such as saving money on bills or products lasting longer.

Specific environmental benefits were a distant second, cited by 21% of those surveyed as the most attractive type of environmentally-friendly marketing.

DoubleClick Via eMarketer