Dish Network to Test Satellite TV Delivery to Hand-Held Devices

Satellite TV coming soon to a cellphone near you

Satellite broadcaster Dish Network Corp. will test technology for digital satellite TV broadcasts to hand-held devices this summer in concert with Alcatel-Lucent.

Tests will determine the performance and cost-effectiveness of using frequencies below 3 gigahertz to broadcast to mobile devices in the United States. That frequency range would include the lower 700 megahertz bands that will be vacated by broadcast television stations next February.

Englewood-based Dish will carry out the tests at its laboratories in Atlanta with assistance by Alcatel-Lucent, the Parisian telecommunications technology company. The explorations will include broadcasts over terrestrial, satellite and hybrid networks, the company said.

A company formed by Dish Network executives, Frontier Wireless LLC, bought frequencies across much of the company in a recent FCC auction. The $712 million purchase is seen by experts as the possible core of a future satellite-to-wireless device network for video content.

Via Denver Business Journal