China. Ahh. Proud hosts of the most divisive Olympic Games in 30 years, are now asking for some help cleaning up their toxic air quality.

Lacking the time, and usually the money, to put into research for new, green technologies from other developed nations, the ministry of technology has asked to “establish a mechanism of technological transfer” to China.

The theory being, that it would enable the next super-power to step down from its place as the world’s top emitter of greenhouse gases.

China, which currently does have a lower per capita output than the United States, believes it shouldn’t be penalized in international treaties for not yet having the capacity to reduce their emissions.

This is, on one hand, bad: China has a horrible reputation for stealing technology – everything from Dell computers to Boeing aircraft and I’m positive our readers in the UK can offer examples as well. However, the cause that they’re seeking to pursue is as important and noble as anything the Chinese government ever may. Asking other countries for help, directly and in the public forum, is highly out of character for that government, and may yet represent some sort of progress towards a greener world.

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