Who does the best job with their recycling program?

When you consider that the average lifespan of most electronics devices is about three to five years, it’s not surprising to hear that we junk about 2 million tons of e-waste every year. As we constantly upgrade our cellphones, TVs and computers, there are also endless “disposable” accessories along for the ride – batteries, printer cartridges, shipping materials… the list goes on.

From both a public-relations and bottom-line perspective, going green is good business for just about any corporation, and all of the major electronics retailers now offer some type of recycling or reuse program. After the Continue jump, get the lowdown on how some of the programs work.


Winner: Best Buy

With an extensive recycling program covering just about everything they sell, Best Buy makes it easy for customers to get rid of their goods responsibly. The company’s trade-in program is a nice alternative for those eager for more toys, and with its long list of programs and partnerships, Best Buy seems to be serious about its green commitment.

If none of these retailers are close to where you are (where do you live, in the Mojave Desert?), or you have a superstore phobia, Techsoup can help you find nonprofit, school-based, and commercial recyclers.