Wearable Art for the 21st Century

 Lunar Design’s Blu Jacket

Lunar Design’s Blu Jacket is a futuristic concept that could make walking billboards a very distinct possibility in the near future. And to do that, Lunar Design has sandwiched electronics, notably futuristic organic fabrics, into the BLU Jacket concept. These futuristic fabrics which can contain semiconductors will enable the BLU jacket display even your moods through signs and colors.

This BLU Jacket also has a GPS module built into it. So, if you walking down the lane and someone asks you directions, you could be able to project a map onto your jacket’s sleeve through it’s flexible display and give directions, replete with imagery. Or how about getting paid for displaying advertisements on your jacket thus making yourself a moving billboard. All this makes the ubergeek BLU Jacket a concept to watch out for. Looking at the way technology is progressing, all this could soon become very commonplace much sooner than we think.

Lunar Design, via DVICE