If you have children, you already know: They have boundless amounts of energy. No matter what you do, it cannot be contained, right?

Well, think again.

Zen Design Group, based in Berkley, Mich., is now offering a line of toys that convert children’s energy into electricity. The SEE Toys, which stands for “Safety, Ecology, Economy,” are equipped with a crank. The concept of pretty simple: Sixty second of cranking results in 15 minutes of a toy that can move.

Designer Sun Yu told the Detroit News that his son was his inspiration for creating the line of toys. “He used to sit in the (shopping) cart and grab batteries,” Yu said. “Children learn at a very young age what batteries are and what they do.” He added, “Batteries and toys are not a really good mix, a lot of kids swallow batteries.”

According to the National Poison Control Center, about 2000 children swallow batteries each year.

Yu’s hope was to create a toy that used electricity but was self-sustainable and did not pose a health hazard. He has achieved just that with his line of SEE toys. “Wee need power, we need electricity, but this particular style of self-sustainable toy is something that is enjoyable, easier, healthier and better for the environment,” he told the newspaper.

There are multiple patents for the toy line pending.

The Zen Design group was founded in 1990 as an advertising design agency, but it ended up focusing on product design. On its web site, the company states, “Our creative staff is constantly developing product ideas and concepts to further expand our brand. We believe in using technology, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking to lead us in developing products for all genders and ages that are fun, novel, and earth friendly.”

Source: The Detroit News, Zen Design Group