But Does It Lift And Separate When You Go Jogging?

Heightening the ever-increasing pressures to conform to someone else’s ideals is this new invention known as the Biniki – put simply, it’s a bra for your butt. The patented Biniki is a US$30 series of straps you wear around the waist and under your bum cheeks to shape, tone, lift and support your derriere and the effect is significant and instant. There’s also a US$40 version for men (the Maniki) and a Throng, a US$30 device worn to achieve the same underwear-less look as a thong without having to floss in all the wrong places.

Looking at the pics and video, we’d have to agree that a biniki-toned and lifted derriere certainly looks better, and we even suspect that sales of this new invention might well take off as it appeals to that well-known weak link in the human psyche, vanity.

Biniki is comfortable, invisible under most clothing, emphasizes smaller derrieres, provides needed support for those with more in back, stays in place with all movement and raises the rear as much as an inch on many people! The basic structure of Biniki is a waist/hip band with two strategically placed adjustable leg loops that encircle the buttocks.

We do not wish to engage in all the puns a crack journalist might make about this device, but if you want a giggle, Biniki has all its press clippings on the product site and some of them are quite funny. The company is seeking distributors, so if you already have a distribution channel for lingerie or fashion accessories in your country, we figure this is a good time to get in on the ground floor because to paraphrase one of our all-time favourite entrepreneurs, (P.T. Barnum), “No one ever lost money under estimating the vanity of the public.”

Via Gizmag