US Marketing Companies Still Prefer Direct Mail

Direct mail is still an effective marketing tool

According to Mintel Comperemedia, e-mail is not about to eclipse direct mail for US marketers.

In fact, the number of direct mail offers sent out to US customers increased by 17% in 2007.

“Just as people continue to read hard-copy books despite the proliferation of online reading material, companies continue to rely on direct mail for both customer communication and retention,” said Brad Cunningham, vice president of Mintel.

In 2007, four out of the top five direct mailing industries—auto, insurance, telecom and credit card— increased their customer mailings. Only the mortgage and loan industry decreased direct mailings, most likely as a result of the bad housing market.

Still, some sectors have embraced e-mail. Together, travel and banking companies were responsible for 80% of the customer e-mails sent in 2007.

Mintel Comperemedia Via eMarketer