Great Mothers Day Invention - Automatic Baby Bottom Cleaner

Automatic Baby Bottom Cleaner

Have you ever seen a kid so dirty you wish you could just tie him up to a tree and spray him down? Or a diaper so messy you just want to grab the kid and repeatedly dipping him into a warm tub filled with soapy water? Unfortunately, the modern tub is too big and showers too messy for either method.

Once again an ingenious inventor has come to the rescue of American families everywhere; this time with a patented idea for the Stand Up and Stand Still Baby Shower. The baby shower is a modified version of the tying your kid to a tree and hosing him down approach. You simply prop your child in the restrictive tub effectively rendering him powerless to do anything but stand up straight.

Now that little Johnny is nice and still you turn the knob and a shower head, strategically angled directly at your kid’s butt, lets out a blast. And since you’re not behaving like a contortionist trying to hold her kid still while she tries to bathe him, you can actually play with your kid without worrying about dropping, or worse yet, drowning him!

Great Mothers Day Invention - Automatic Baby Bottom Cleaner


Clean baby bottoms make for a happy momma

This Mother’s Day why not treat yourself, or another mom, to the Stand Up and Stand Still Baby Shower? Not only is it a nice thing for mommy and baby, but also less stressful bath time now is sure to result in less psychoanalysis for Junior later! It’s a win win for everyone – except the therapists of course, but who cares about them?

Via Inventor Spot