The Walkstation Workstation

For days when being the hamster is not such a bad option

Developed by both Steelcase, a furniture manufacturer, and James Levine from the Mayo clinic, this treadmill desk allows you to game, work or just look at funny pictures on the internet and “work out” at the same time. The functions should be pretty obvious from the picture.

Grand Rapids-based Company, Steelcase Inc. has developed Walkstation – the first height-adjustable workstation with an integrated treadmill to hit the market use demonstrated.

Designer James Levine, researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn, touts of having taken science from the lab to a product that could potentially help millions of people. Levine spent the past 15 years studying energy expended during daily activity, before he finally came up with Walkstation that he a developed in collaboration with office furniture making giants Steelcase.

The Walkstation Workstation

The Walkstation combines the facets of an office workstation with a treadmill and is aptly designed to help improve employees health while they work. The adjustable product offers users a low-impact slow stroll rather than a sweat-inducing run-walk.

The quiet-running treadmill operates at a maximum speed of 3.5 mph, and will sell for about $4,000.

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