Summer’s almost here, and it’s warm enough to throw open the windows, letting the fresh air in. Don’t forget to put up those window screens to keep the bugs out. But that’s not all good. Not only do those old screens make everything look hazy, they block out a lot of light, diminish airflow, and give your windows a dark appearance from the outside, too. Fixing those drawbacks is inLighten, a new kind of screen that’s almost invisible, made by the company that invented Gore-Tex breathable fabric.

Gore says its ultra-fine screen material gives you three times more fresh air and 50% more light than conventional screens. They’re easy to get – you simply measure your screen sizes and then order them online. The catch? All that extra goodness comes at a steep price, around $90 per screen. Still, that price may worth it, to make those ugly screens disappear and let the sun shine in.

Link to Gore inLighten