Super Expensive “Smart Shoes”

What is it worth to you to have shoes that anticipate your pressure points?

While some people think its crazy to spend more than about $35 on a pair of shoes, I’ve come to think of may feet as the ultimate interface with the world. So, if you are into cutting edge sneakers and the whole geek-tech/foot experience, maybe a pair of VectraSense Technologies’ new $700 Verb for Shoes will get you excited.

For the $700 price tag, you will find yourself joining an elite footwear crowd. They feature an embedded computer with “Auto Comfort”, which means that they automatically adjust to the wearer’s feet, becoming firmer or more cushioned based on movement. They also feature “Contact Sharing,” which allows them to trade information with other smart shoes in the area.

At the snobbish ozone layer price of $700, they better do some of the walking and put themselves away when you remove them too.

Verbforshoe Via Slippery Brick