Alien Communication Device or LED Hula Hoop (or Both)?

Here’s something that’s sure to draw crowds the next time you feel the need to draw attention to yourself. This dizzying show of colored light is produced by a rapidly spinning Hula Hoop, packed with LED lighting.




Handcrafted by Etsy contributor Schablien, the LED Hula Hoop works its magic with 18 super-bright LEDs embedded into the hoop. Half of the lights change colors, while the other half are fixed tones, producing a rainbow of hues as you swing your hips to-and-fro.

The hoop is powered by a rechargeable battery pack which should give you 8 to 10 hours of illumination before it needs a charge. You can find the light-up hoop over on Schlabein’s Etsy shop for $195.

In the words of Alvin (of Chipmunk fame), “Me, I want a Hula Hoop.”

[$195 too pricey for you? If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can build your own basic version of the LED Hula Hoop with about $15 in parts by following this step-by-step tutorial over on Instructables.]

via Technabob