Volkswagen’s New 200MPG Car Slated for 2010

No arguing about who gets to sit in the front seat on this car

Volkswagen has plans to produce a 1-liter car by 2010 that’ll get an amazing 200 miles per gallon, making it one of the most fuel-efficient cars on the road. It’s not going to come without its drawbacks, however, as reaching a figure like that isn’t going to happen with a car with any substantial weight.

First, it’ll be a two seater, with the passenger sitting behind the driver. As for trunk space? Forget it. And if you’re hoping to jet around quickly, get used to the idea that this car will top out at 75MPH on the highway… on a good day, down hill, with a tailwind. But hey, you’ll have to stop for gas like once a month, which would be pretty great seeing how ridiculous gas prices have gotten lately.

Ecogeek, via Engadget