Now You Have A Space For All Sizes Of Stuff

While we’re not mathematicians enough here to know if the name “Fractal Furniture” really applies to this poly-drawer cube, we are space-craving urbanites enough to desire one. The art project, conceived by Takeshi Miyakawa, turns a big wooden block into an überstorage device. From the name, Fractal 23, we infer that it has no fewer than 23 drawers. In an effort to use every bit of space in the Fractal, there are even a couple of holes up top that you can plunk things in.

One big problem with the design, however: To use all the drawers, you’d have to put the Fractal in the middle of the room, which would pretty much necessitate a spacious room in the first place, kind of negating its original purpose. Maybe “Zero-Sum Furniture” would be more apt?