With summer upon us, families are traveling all over. Make the journey a bit easier with a TOTEaTOT!

Navigating a small child through airports and train stations is rarely an enjoyable experience. Especially when little ones grow tired, the crankiness can really wear on a mom trying to get the family to its destination in a timely manner. Not to mention luggage, strollers, car seats and the rest of the family, bring a toddler into traveling can seem like a recipe for disaster!



For this reason, the TOTEaTOT is a must have for all parents of small children looking for an easy travel solution. If you have a rolling suitcase and a car seat, you are ready to take advantage of TOTEaTOT’s innovative design technology.

This product connects the car seat to the luggage with two ultra-strong straps and snaps that will make your child portable in under a minute. It also comes with a storage bag perfectly suited for diapers and other baby supplies, sparing you the hassle of constantly digging around inside of our carry on. 

Since car seats are recommended as an airplane carry on, you can roll baby up the runway and into his/her seat safe and sound.