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Most cool cats prefer watching commercial free DVRs 

A DoubleClick Performics survey of Internet users in the US found that although DVR users are watching more television, they are not paying attention to commercials, as cited byAdweek.

Overall, 85% of DVR owners said they watched fewer commercials since getting a DVR.



More than 50% of DVR owners surveyed said they “always” fast-forwarded through commercials and 36% skipped them at least three-quarters of the time.

Despite a relatively high number of DVR owners who said they watch TV online, where the commericals cannot be skipped, many are still not paying attention.

Half of all DVR owners surveyed had watched at least one TV program online, but 38% said they paid less attention to the online ads. Only 9% said they paid more attention to the ads when watching online versus on TV.  


DoubleClick Performics Via eMarketer