Are you on the hunt for some completely unique personalized and superb gift for that special person on that special day? What say about gifting a wonderful retro jukebox? Check out the vintage AMI 200Jukebox.    

   The fully restored vinyl jukebox was introduced way back in 1957 was one of the best sounding machines around. The automobile styling, chrome bumper, wrap-round windscreen and use of neon lighting makes this Jukebox one of the most desirable Jukeboxes of the 50’s. The AMI H came in 4 versions and this machine is the top of the range with automatic selection for 200 plays on both sides of 100 forty-five rpm records. Can you just imagine the look of surprise and pleasure on your loved one’s face when he or she opens the gift to find this rare jukebox? This appealing vintage vinyl jukebox will make you poorer by £10100 (approximately US $19,685)       via:  bornrich.org