Stick ’em Where The Sun DOES Shine

Remember when the stamp became self-adhesive? It made stamp glue aftertaste a thing of the past. Well now technology is so advanced that even Solar Panel have been designed to be self-adhesive. That’s right! A peel and stick solar panel is now on the solar panel option list.

The Lumeta’s Power-Ply 380 Roof Integrated Photovoltaic (RIPV), designed by Lumeta, a subsidiary of DRI (a respected national construction firm specializing in roofing and renewable energy installations), is designed for flat roof applications. Power-Ply 380 is peeled of a sheet and then stuck on to a rooftop. Each panel is 8’x4′, and weighs just over 54lbs

The adhesive back allows these lightweight solar panels to easily be installed. They can be installed about twice as fast as conventional rack-mounted solar panels.

The self-adhesive solar panels can each produce 380 Wp of power under peak performance conditions. The downside to these peel and stick solar panels is that by sticking them flat on the roof the solar panels lose the optimal angle to the sun. Which means there is some energy loss. In addition, these solar panel stickers are not available for home installations yet.

For more information of these Self Adhesive solar panels visit DRI Companies .