The New Cool Way To Tell Time…If You Can


The latest funky electronic timepiece to surface from watch importer TokyoFlash – the Oberon SS is a real stunner. Not only does the watch feature a new way to tell time, it looks damn good doing it.

The Oberon SS tells time using a series of concentric bright blue LED rings. The outer ring indicates the current hour, the middle one tells single minutes, and the innermost one displays tens of minutes.

When the watch is in its default (off) state, its black mineral crystal front, looks like a black hole on your wrist, but with a push of the button, the display of blue lights come out of the pitch darkness to reveal the time. A second press displays the current date using the same ring of light metaphor. A gorgeous brushed stainless steel body and matching linked strap complete the look.

You can get your hands on the Oberon SS watch from TokyoFlash for about $159 USD.