Sexy or Cool? LED Gloves

Just in case you’re still living in the early 1990s and heading out to a rave this weekend, you might want to add these to your outfit before you head out onto the dance floor.

This pair of battery-powered gloves have a set of bright LEDs built into the fingertips. In addition to a brilliant blue always-on mode, the gloves can also be set to epileptic flashing or disco chase-light mode – just in case your illuminated fingertips don’t draw enough attention on their own.

Thankfully, they haven’t yet caught on, but you better not let Kanye West know about these, lest he wear them to his next (oh so humble) award acceptance speech and start some kind of trend.

If you’re really ready to wear these out in public, you can find them from France’s Lux et Deco (get it, L.E.D.?) for €29 (about $45 USD) a pair.

Via Technobob