Yummy? Alcoholic Vegetables

Vegete is a canned concoction from Japan containing fruit juice, vegetable juice and 4% alcohol. Think of it as a V8 with a lot more horsepower – and a high coefficient of gag reflex!

Vegete is a collaborative venture between Kagome, one of Japan’s leading vegetable juice makers, and Asahi, one of the “Top 4” Japanese brewers.

It contains a mixture of various fruit and vegetable juices spiked with a buzz-inducing 4% alcohol. That gives you the “what?”, but I’m still working on the “why?”…

Is Vegete really so strange? I mean, mixed drinks like the Bloody Mary (tomato) and the Screwdriver (orange) successfully match alcohol with vegetable and fruit juices, and each is quite tasty – individually. Combining them to make a Bloody Driver or a Screw Mary, however, just doesn’t work.

Japan’s drinks marketers seem to use a “let’s try anything” approach – a classic example being the revolting “Bilk” (yes, beer + milk) beverage that hopefully tastes better than it sounds. May the same be true with Vegete… and if you have a chance to try it, please leave a comment!

via and Inventorspot