Impress your neighbors with the sounds your balls make

While the Sound-e-Motion acoustic systems might not be as price as the Cabesse $150,000 La Spherespeakers, they are real eye candy.

The Sound-e-Motion M10-20 BF floor-standing loudspeakers use spherical enclosures for the midrange/low-frequency enclosures, said to minimize baffle distortions and result in more uniformly polar sound distribution. The spherical speakers are mounted on a stand rather than on a flat surface, which minimizes interference in both horizontal and vertical planes. Thus, the sound radiates evenly in every direction. The sphere holding the speaker is hand made from high class natural wood, a material unique for its acoustic characteristics. Each sphere is made of hundreds of wood pieces and has excellent anti-resonance properties. Through its innovative technical solutions, this system is claimed to mimic concert hall acoustics like no other system. Without doubt, these wooden loudspeakers will look drop-dead gorgeous standing at the corner of your contemporary living room.


via: bornrich.or