Menacing and Smelly


Someone at famed design firm Frog Design must have been having a bad day when this Digital Escape design was conceived. Don’t like your world? Strap on this “lifestyle product of the future” and transport yourself to a different dimension with your own sights, sounds, smells, and air quality – the rest of the planet be damned!

Hey, maybe this design concept is the answer to the dawning of even more-miserable airline travel. Designed to “become a sort of visual drug,” Digital Escape could give you the perfect getaway from that snoring guy with the gas problem in the middle seat next to you on the plane.

This antisocial shield is in the early concept stages; the Frog Designers are probably working on some sort of streamlined tank system to supply all that fresh air. Sounds like a lot of trouble just to isolate yourself from others. A better idea: Just stay home.