Bad Economy Not Hurting Video Games

Warriors who are battling the empire overloads can’t be bothered
by the petty economic concerns of you mortals

Video game sales in the US were up 31% through April over 2007, according to NPD Group. “Grand Theft Auto IV,” which made $500 million in its opening week, was not released until April 29. NPD said the video game industry now takes in $18 billion annually.

“There is a theory that in difficult times, people nest more, so at-home entertainment is more recession-proof than away-from-home activities,” Anita Frazier, analyst at NPD, told Advertising Age. “Some of that may be going on, but I think there is a broader interest in gaming as a form of entertainment and that more people are moving gaming up in their list of preferred leisure activities.”

The gaming audience is broadening. In 2007, 72% of 6 to 44 year-olds played video games, up from 64% in 2006, according to NPD. Family games accounted for 17% of all games sold in 2007, up from 9% in 2006, according to the Entertainment Software Association.

Via eMarketer