dating in the dark

The waiter knows in advance where the dogs are sitting

Love is after all blind. So is it bad to go on a blind date – where you don’t know whom you are meeting? Dark dating as an idea, which is a hot favorite among Londoner’s this hunting season.

“It is very interesting. Something quite different the fact you talk with people without seeing them. It’s funny because you can’t judge the height, you can’t judge the features. You completely talk freely with the other person. And after it’s funny to discover how the person looks like,” said a dark dater. Video after the jump.



It was an evening of more than just fun and games. Visually impaired waiters guide guests through dinner in complete darkness, an experience that can actually be quite the eye opener.

“You have to rely on your other senses like taste, smell, hearing, sensitivity. You also have a transfer of trust because this disabled person who is going to serve you in the dark for an hour and a half is completely blind and in the dark. Actually, they become your eyes and you are the disabled,” said Helene Lacour, event coordinator.

“It really does heighten all your other senses, my hearing became really individually. I could hear certain voices more clearly. It’s very strange. I’ve never experienced that, fantastic and I’ll come back definitely,” said a blind dater.