Women Losing Enthusiam for Shopping

 Hmmm, perhaps all of their closets have finally filled up

A “Frank About Women” online survey found that US women are losing enthusiam for shopping and are spending less.

Few women—just 15% of those surveyed—said they found inspiration and ideas when shopping in a store. Only 16% said shopping provided an escape from the world and 12% said store environments stimulated their senses.

“Stores’ failures to create excitement coupled with current economic conditions and record gas and food prices are making women think twice before heading to their favorite store,” said Jennifer Ganshirt, co-founder of frank about women, in a statement. “As a result, more women are practicing voluntary thrift, which can seriously impact retailers’ bottom lines.”

Though women cited online shopping as the third-most-popular online activity, behind gathering information and entertainment, the benefits of shopping online noted by respondents were almost entirely functional. Only one-third of women surveyed said shopping online was a treat, and less than one-third said it was an escape or stress reliever.

Frank about women Via eMarketer