So your little one was born with silver, gold and Swarovski studded spoons (gone are the days of only silver spoon) in his or her mouth, then you’ve gotto get a complementing luxurious high-chair when he actually starts using those spoons to feed.

But when shopping for a high chair for your angel, you’d find it difficult to hunt for one that blends form with function as well as a bit of bling! So allow me to guide you to one of the special edition high chairs from ‘i can sit’. Once you realize that your darling can sit by self, place him on this exclusive high chair that is encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Hundreds of glittering crystals render style, glamour and richness to this Special Edition of icansit children’s chairs. And if that’s not enough, then the silver seat base will complete the look. Although many folks may feel that this kinda luxury isn’t essential for infant’s meal times, but I consider that if you can afford it buddy, no one can stop you from flaunting it!

Featuring sturdy metal frames and supporting armrests, the design is original and contemporary. Originally designed by Carla Monchen, this Special Edition high chair also has the honor of being nominated for the Kind und Jugend innovations award 2007. And once done with the messy meal times you two can step out for a stroll in this Pimped-Out Stroller to get some fresh air.

via:  bornrich.org