Ordering a McDonald’s Hamburger with Your Cellphone

Of all the things I can order through my cellphone, McDonald’s hamburgers ranks pretty close to the bottom

Continually attempting to shave seconds from the moment a juicy hamburger appears in you mind, and the act of taking your first bite, McDonald’s has teamed up with Nintendo to make ordering food even easier. So easy, in fact, that you’ll have grease splatters on your cellphone before you realize what hit you.

Then you’ll get hungry again. Let’s see, who makes it easiest to get a disc shaped hunk of grease on a sesame seed bun? And the circle is complete, my friends. McDonald’s will introduce a new system that’s currently testing in Japan.

It’s a payment application that’s downloaded into your phone and when you place your phone over an RFID reader, you can pay instantly or use coupons and the like.

The company is using the device in about 175 stores and they plan to expand it to 3,800 other stores in Japan. No word on when U.S. citizens will have the chance to use this system.

via: slipperybrick.com