Bot dating has become a serious problem in Japan

A lady with no mood swings, doesn’t throw tantrums if asked to run errands, offers a divine massage without acting ‘hard to get’ and is full of energy all through the day…..impossible? Eat your words ‘coz LISA is what you have always expected from a woman – Perfection. It’s time for the spoiler, this lady is actually a robotic product from AI Robotics.

Reports suggest that this perfect woman can speak about everything under the sun, right from politics and religion (yea!) to music and culture (now, that’s not a first!). Capable of recharging and dressing up herself, the bot has an impressive IQ of 130. A proprietary RKS (Recognition Krax System) technology brings her as close to reality as possible. She can detect and react to speech, touch and visual stimuli. Additionally, LISA can make sense of colors, gestures, shapes, etc. and learn incessantly through wireless internet. Freaks you out, yeah? Slated for a June 11th release, you have the ideal 2nd girlfriend to make the first go red. Happy hunting!