Smartchair - Because Your Dumb Body Needs a Positive Influence

Contact with your thinking membranes

Most standard office chairs weren’t designed with your total comfort in mind. Most companies throw a few pieces of plastic and cushions together and call it a seat, but what about our aching backs? Years of sitting in a computer chair can cause serious damage.

This excellent Smartchair takes our comfort into consideration and would be a welcome addition into any home office. Instead of relying on a cheap padded adjustment system, the Smartchair uses a combination of auto-adjusted spring formations and biofeedback sensors to automatically adjust to your muscle pain.

A PDA sized electronic device on the left arm acts as a controller unit. The 3″ touchscreen on the unit works as a control button and a function display. And everything is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery so you aren’t left in pain for those long nights of work.

While we shudder to think of the price for this conceptual Smartchair dream, you must also take into account the benefits you’ll gain from this design. A more comfortable worker is a more efficient worker. And for ergonomics, it doesn’t seem to get much better than this.