Marco Evaristti


Danish artist, Marco Evaristti, had liposuction done. Simple procedure, right? Nothing out of the ordinary. But not with this guy. He made meatballs out of the fat sucked from his body and called it art!


Evaristti took the fat and mixed it with ground beef to make these meatballs which were fried in oil and displayed in a gallery. He created 48 meatballs from his own fat and displayed 13 tins of them on a long table, in a replica of Christ’s last supper.

Two tins were sold to collectors for $23,200 each and the others were to be canned and sold for $4000 for 10 meatballs.

While the piece was on display, Evaristti invited 12 people to join him in eating his creation. When asked how they taste, he said, “Even better than my grandmothers.”

He says his work is about the sanctity of the body and an unhealthy modern obsession with food and weight loss.

“I want to show people that meatballs made with my fat are no more disgusting than the meatballs you buy in the supermarket,” he said.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take my chances with the mystery meat at the supermarket. Chances are it didn’t get sucked out of some guy’s stomach.

If I was one of those 12 people invited to eat this meal, I’d be dry heaving before I even reached the table.

Marco Evaristti is also known for other controversial art, one involving live fish and a blender.

He filled 10 blenders with water and dropped live goldfish in them. He then plugged them into the outlets at an art gallery. He invited the public to turn them on and chop the fish up.

Sounds like some people can get away with a lot of things these days and call it art.

I wonder what he will come up with next. Poop art that he serves to his guests at his next meal? Any guesses?

Maybe you could pair this meatball with some freshly baked body bread and make a meatball sandwich.

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