Is Wrex An Easy Pet?

Buying a pet is a big commitment. Pets are living things, and they require attention and care. You need to train them, take them for walks, feed them, and love them. It’s a lot to ask of you! If your kids are begging for a dog but you’re just too damn lazy to do all that responsible stuff, maybe a robot dog will suffice.

WowWee sure hopes so. They’ve just unveiled Wrex the Dawg, a robotic dog that is pretty darned wacky. It rubs its butt on the ground! It pretends to pee on your carpet! It sneezes! It pretends to break so you have to fix it! Just like a, uh, real dog, I guess. But hey, if you’re just looking for a goofy companion that won’t die if you forget about it and go on vacation, I’m sure you could do a lot worse.

LINK (with video)