Pac Man and friends Like You’ve Never Seen Them

I always wondered what Pac-Man and his entourage did when they weren’t busy chasing each other around that maze. Thanks to the wacky and warped mind of illustrator Scott Campbell, we finally get a glimpse of Pac ‘N Pals outside the confines of their familiar corridors…

Scott’s whimsical Pac-Man illustrations show the iconic gaming characters in a number of everyday (depending on what your days are like) situations, from recreating the Napoleon Dynamite bike jump scene to trying out some fabulous new hair-dos.

The current series, entitled Pac Man Set 2, is available in sets of five limited-edition giclee mini prints (2.75″ x 2.75″ each) over at Gallery 1988 for just $65 a set.

Be sure to check out Scott’s other works over on his website.

via Technabob