Ask a newborn baby to make you understand the feeling of a mother’s womb and I’m sure his answer will be ‘akin to lying in the babyC’. That is hypothetically of course…cause you definitely cannot shoot a question to an infant and nor is he going to answer back in words.  


But going by its aesthetic design, the BabyC is a cradle that will not fail to be the best place to rest your darling in when not in your hands. Designed by Dripta Roy for Puur, this alcove shaped cradle will swing calmly and smoothly to make the child feel safe, whilst stimulating the senses, as if they were still in their mother’s womb. Only if the designer could include some techie features like a music player that could dole out rocking lullabies or some kinda special sound that’s similar to the inside of the womb. Just to fool the baby completely!