Rare Footage of a Bruce Lee Screen Test

Bruce Lee was born November 27, 1940, the son of Lee Hoi Chuen, a well known comic actor and a member of the ensemble cast of the 99-episode Wong Fei Hong series that launched modern Hong Kong filmmaking. His mother, Grace, was a Shanghainese transplant who had been raised a Catholic, and was the daughter of a German father and a Chinese mother.

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The Lees frequently traveled abroad from their home in Hong Kong, going wherever Hoi Chuen’s opera troupe was booked; Lee Jun Fan, the boy who would be given the English name of Bruce, was born on one of those trips overseas in San Francisco, California. Dr. Mary Glover, the supervising physician at his birth, gave him the English name Bruce. Later, Bruce’s younger sister gave him a moniker that became the name by which he conquered Asia, and then the world – Siu Long, or ‘Little Dragon’.



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