Up, up and away!

Picture it – thousands of Mickey Mouse heads floating over Orlando, Florida. That is the plan for later this month when Walt Disney Co. uses a new invention to promote Disney World. Now picture the Nike logo or the Apple Logo or even your logo taking to the air. How? Flogos!

What is a Flogo? It’s lighter than air foam, made from proprietary surfactant (fancy word for soap), and pressed into the shape of a logo.


Flogos have a life expectancy of minutes to an hour or more, depending on wind speed and direction. They travel slowly, can go twenty to thirty miles in distance and as high as twenty-thousand feet in the air.

One great thing is they are a Green product, 100% environmentally safe. Currently available in white, in 2009 they will launch a line of colored Flogos. Maybe one day, they’ll even figure out how to write messages in the foam.

What do you think of these innovative soap bubble ads?

Sources: The Denver Post and Flogos via Inventorspot