The new iPhone has some sweet new features. As an iPod owner, I can say that a 3G network connection, GPS, and a headphone jack that isn’t completely ridiculous are great additions to an already impressive gadget, and will go a long way to swaying me toward getting one. But let’s be honest – we all had a wish list of stuff we wanted to see in the iPhone the Sequel, and it’s doubtful everyone was satisfied. Hit the Continue jump for a list of the Top 5 features Apple left out of its newest toy.


1. Cut and Paste

Every iPhone owner has at some point wanted to snip part of an e-mail or text message and paste it into a browser or note. If it weren’t for the iPhone’s already impressive ability to recognize URLs, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, this would be crippling. More apps, however, means more ways to miss this crucial feature of all modern operating systems.


2. Haptic Feedback

Having the screen vibrate slightly when you touch it would do wonders for being able to operate the iPhone while it’s in your pocket. I mean does Steve Jobs pull his iPhone out every time he wants to switch songs while riding the subway? Oh, wait a minute…


3. Flash Compatibility

This is the albatross that’s holding back the mobile Safari browser from acting like a real browser. When you can’t see websites like, well, SCIFI.COM, you start to feel like you’re surfing the Net in 1998.


4. A Better Camera

It’s always stunned me that the iPhone, one of the best portable video players I’ve ever seen, has a camera that can’t capture video. A flash (for still pics) wouldn’t hurt either, and certainly wouldn’t drain the battery more than that 3G connection.


5. Wireless Modem Capabilities

The problem with wireless modems – special cards that you plug into your laptop for access to the Net via a cellphone network – is simple: They cost too damn much. That’s why it’s great that some phones can share their Internet access with laptops letting you piggyback on their networks (that you’re already paying to access) via a wireless Bluetooth connection between the phone and laptop. With the new iPhone’s 3G tech, it seems like a natural to double as a wireless modem, but Apple’s kept the iPhone’s Bluetooth technology firmly grounded in 2005, only allowing an audio connection with wireless headsets.


via:  Dvice.com